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The Sunken Mall

The Sunken Mall takes place after the events of The Last Sun. In an effort to more fully integrate their ward Max into the family, Rune and Brand endeavor to find Equinox gifts for the teenager. Their gift plans are shaped by Quinn, the teenager seer, who orchestrates a shopping expedition into the Worcester Galleria, a translocated mall magically-preserved as it was in the early 1980s. With the help of the Principality, Ciaran, and Rune’s new boyfriend, Addam, they find that the mall has taken on an unexpected life of its own.

Scenes from Quarantine

The events in Scenes from Quarantine take place after The Hanged Man and prior to The Hourglass Throne. The story was released serially during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown, from March 27th to July 13th.

Scenes from the Holidays

Scenes from the Holidays consists of short Tarot Sequence vignettes, released serially beginning in December 12, 2020, on K.D. Edwards’ Twitter account.

Downloads by Chapter

01 – The Playground
02 – The Sanctum
03 – The Ghost
04 – The Principality Ciaran
05 – The Tree
06 – The Dinner
07 – The Equinox

Miscellaneous Shorts from (New) Atlantis

The Separation – A short story about baby Brand and Rune