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Arcana Bunker
The "true Arcanum" and war room of the Arcana, used in times of emergency.

Former home of the Atlanteans; a magically hidden island about the size of Japan between America and Europe about the latitude of Massachusetts; decimated by a viral plague during the Atlantean World War; currently uninhabitable.


Carriage House
The location of Rune's assault on Sun Estate the night his Court fell.

Chained Rock
A ship in the Green Docks; formerly the SS Warataw.
More - contains spoilers for SCENES FROM THE HOLIDAYS Sunk by the freed ocean roc.

Ciaran's Bunker
Ciaran's home; a cement half dome in a wooded area off Nazaca Road.
More - contains spoilers for THE HOURGLASS THRONE Contains several translocated pieces of the Titanic, including the first class smoking room and Turkish baths.

Cubic Dreams
A bar where Ciaran holds court; formerly a skid row hotel called The Otis.


A wealthy neighborhood that straddles the Financial and Market districts; location of Addam's condo.


Farstyke Castle
A particularly haunted translocation in New Atlantis; formerly of the Time Throne.


Gereja Ayam
A building on Lord Fool's property in Squam Swamp, colloquially known as the Chicken Church; translocated from Majelang in Central Java.

Green Docks
A collection of stolen or recovered shipwrecks anchored off the northern peninsula of New Atlantis, used as the red light district of the city.


Half House
A nine-foot-wide brownstone, home of the Saint Johns after the fall of Sun Estate and the decade long protection of the Dagger Throne.

Honey Pot
A bar and brothel in the Green Docks.


The 22-sided room that serves as the Arcanum's official meeting place.


Justice Seat
The ancestral home and compound of the Justice Court.


Leper Con
Formerly streets from Boston's old combat zone; rundown area of New Atlantis.

Lovers Estate
Abuts Sun Estate.

An area below the Warrens as much magically-perverted caves as failed translocations.


Magnus Academy
The elite school for Scions that Anna, Max, and Quinn attend.

A building on Lady Death's peninsula wherein lights are forbidden; built by the Dowager Lady Death and resides in a null zone.

The last crowded section of the Green Docks before splintering off into a dozen specialized paths catering to sexual predilections.


An island off the cost of Massachusetts that was purchased by Atlanteans to establish a new home.

Nazaca Road
A road following a strong ley line on the southeastern side of New Atlantis; contains the priciest real estate on the island.

New Atlantis
Formerly Nantucket, USA, the island is now a large city for the surviving refugees of the Atlantean World War.

New Atlantis Transit
Formerly Canfranc Station, now a subway operated by magic; joint-operated by the Chariot and Hex Thrones.

New Saints Hospital
Formerly Riverside hospital; New Atlantis's largest hospital.


Pac Bell
Property of the Dagger Throne; formerly the Pacific Bell Telephone building; Lord Tower's private residence is located in the penthouse.

An upscale restaurant that features location-changing portals as scenery to accompany the meal courses.


Rejuvenation Center
Two buildings where the Papess Throne practices life-cycle rejuvenation magic; the premier facility is due south of Sun Estate, and built over the last ten years out of healing mud from Italy's Bormio region.

River House
A three-walled place of mourning on Lady Death's peninsula that faces the ocean; custom is to share secrets with the soul of the deceased.

An upscale restaurant that features sections of famous rivers around the world entering and exiting through portals inside the restaurant.


Sathorn Unique
A former residential skyscraper translocated from Bangkok; retrofitted into the Hanged Man's mushroom farm; not renamed upon translocation.

Squam Swamp
A swamp just south of Lady Death's peninsula that is owned by Lord Fool.

Sun Estate
One of the first translocations to New Atlantis. Formerly Beacon Towers, translocated upon its "destruction" in the 1940s by the former Lord Sun.

Surfside Beach Enclave
A beach resort situated on Nazaca Road with suites granted to each Arcana court. Formerly Bokor Hill Station.


The Sunken Mall
Formerly the Worcester Galleria from Massachusetts; a translocation gone wrong on the ocean floor near Atlantis.


USS Declaration
An American WWII battleship attacked and stolen by Lord Hanged Man, anchored at the Green Docks.


A mismash of failed translocations beneath New Atlantis.

Warrens Warehouse
More - contains spoilers for THE HOURGLASS THRONE

Poisoned magical backwash of New Atlantis, full of monsters and pocket dimensions; Arcana have compounds built there.

Westlands Hierophant Compund
The compound Rune and Addam took refuge in during the Westlands storm; contains golems from the Chinese Terracotta Army.

Westlands Magician Compound
The compound with an imbued summoning circle that Ashton accessed to summon Rurik.

Westlands Moral Certainties Compound
The compound owned jointly by the Moral Certainties where Rune and co battled Ashton Saint Gabriel.

Westlands Sun Compound
The compound Rune rented out for funds ever since purchasing Half House.