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Rune Saint John has finally assumed the Sun Throne and now must deal with the political machinations that run throughout the rest of the ruling Arcanum and New Atlantis. Rune and his bodyguard Brand struggle with the past as much with the present as they search for allies among those who watched Rune be tortured while his father’s court fell. They are also investigating a powerful barrier created around the rejuvenation center—one that hides its own bloody, painful aftermath. As Rune and Brand uncover a formidable enemy tied to New Atlantis’s history, they find time is against them to protect their growing found family, including Rune’s lover Addam. Everyone will have to face their past transgressions, long buried secrets, and the flow of time itself, as Rune continues to make choices that will forever change his future. High stakes and humorous dialogue continue to highlight the slow reveal of the long-game plotlines. The ending of this first trilogy (in a planned nine-book series) creates a spectacular story arc, leaving readers with as many questions as answers.

VERDICT Edward’s third “Tarot Sequence” novel (after The Hanged Man) builds on an intriguing alternate Earth filled with magic and political intrigue. This urban fantasy series is immersive and entertaining.

Reviewed by Kristi Chadwick , Mar 01, 2022

“A runaway train ride in the dark… The Hourglass Throne is a book of 100% economy. The balance of character and story development is perfect. Every thought, spoken word, and surprise has its purpose. It may not come to mean what the reader might anticipate it to mean, but it all comes together like a perfect jigsaw puzzle.”
Ben Ragunton, TGG Podcast.

“Weaving intricate politics, fast action, and high magic with the powerful themes of loss and found family, K.D. Edwards’ Tarot Sequence burns even hotter in the Hourglass Throne. Just when you think you’ve got a handle on where the plot is going he detonates another surprise or reveals a game-changing secret in his long game. Don’t sleep on this series. I can’t wait to see where it goes.”
— David Slayton, author of the Adam Binder novels

“Edwards expertly blends magic, technology, a pandemic isolating New Atlantis from our world, and a keen sense of humor as he wraps up the first trilogy of this proposed nine-book series.”
Frances Moritz, Booklist Online Review


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“K.D. Edwards raises the bar for fantasy to incredible heights with The Hanged Man, a story full of life, thrills, and deep compassion, set within a world so utterly convincing and fabulous, it took my breath away.”
— Julie E. Czerneda, award-winning author of The Gossamer Mage

“Edwards takes a startling debut and plunges us headfirst into an even better sequel. All of our favorite characters are back, but now they’re evolving to face an even darker threat. The story is fueled by political intrigue, devastating consequences, and fascinating magic. “
— Scott Reintgen, author of Ashlords

“Edwards is able to masterfully interweave these plot points into the fabric of the larger narrative in a way that makes it one of the most compelling novels I’ve recently read.”
Prismatica Magazine

Publishers Weekly

“Edwards skillfully blends rigorous characterization with political intrigue, action, and haunting worldbuilding in the exciting follow-up to 2018’s The Last Sun. Edwards conjures a believably dangerous setting filled with tarot imagery and supernatural menaces. Series fans and new readers alike will be hooked.”

“Jaw-dropping worldbuilding, fluent prose, and an equal blend of noir and snark make for that most delicious of fantasy adventures, an out-of-this-world tale that feels pressingly real. A smart and savvy joy.”
A. J. Hartley, New York Times–bestselling author of the Steeplejack series and the Cathedrals of Glass series

“Absolutely sensational. Edwards takes all the familiar pawns of urban fantasy and makes royalty of them in his debut. We’re invited into an alternative, historical world of staggering breadth and realization. The central characters, Rune and Brand, combine the loyalty of Frodo and Samwise with the sacrilege of a pairing like Tyrion and Bronn. When thrown in beside fascinating magical systems, breathtaking prose, and a relentless plot—this is the tale of Atlantean magic we didn’t know we wanted.”
— Scott Reintgen, author of Nyxia

Library Journal (Starred Review)

“Edwards’s gorgeous debut presents an alternate modern world that is at once unusual and familiar, with a grand interplay of powers formed by family and the supernatural. Intriguing characters, a fast-paced mystery, and an original magical hierarchy will immediately hook readers, who will eagerly await the next volume in this urban fantasy series.” May 15, 2018

Publishers Weekly

K.D. Edwards. Pyr, $17 trade paper (384p) ISBN 978-1-63388-423-6

Edwards’s debut combines swashbuckling action, political intrigue, and romance into a fast-paced and enjoyable adventure. New Atlantis is a self-contained nation of magic users, ensconced on Nantucket Island after a devastating war and ruled by courts named for the major arcana of the tarot. Rune St. John and his bound companion and bodyguard, Brand, are the last survivors of the fallen Sun Court; they make a living doing odd jobs involving varying degrees of danger, mostly for the formidable Lord Tower. After participating in an attack on the Lovers Court, Rune and Brand end up shielding the sheltered and abused grandson of Lady Lovers and searching for the missing son of Lady Justice. Their quest leads them to a conspiracy that involves undead monsters and murder, and may be connected to the fall of Rune’s court and the brutal assault he endured afterward. Rune is an entertaining narrator, and his bond with Brand provides a strong emotional cornerstone for their martial and magical skullduggery. Edwards’s intriguing worldbuilding and appealing characters set the stage and pique the reader’s interest for sequels. Agent: Sara Megibow, KT Literary. (June)