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Mariah Dawncreek
Wife of Kevan Dawncreek and mother of Layne, Anna, and Corbie; died of health complications many months after giving birth to Corbie.

Matthias "Max" Saint Valentine
Grandson of Elena Saint Valentine; parents are thought to be alive, but was kept by an uncle; ward of Rune Saint John.
More - WARNING, CONTAINS SPOILERS for THE HANGED MAN and beyond Formerly promised to The Hanged Man for marital alliance; adopted into the Saint John family at the end of THM.

Mayan Saint Joshua
The lifelong human Companion of Anton Saint Joshua, bonded as babies; genetic roots in North Africa.

Majordomo of the Mortal Certainties' Westlands compound.

Michael Saint Talbot
Middle child of Lady Temperance; younger brother of Geoffrey and older brother of Lucy; part-owner of Moral Certainties LLC

Mikhail Saint Guinefort
Son of Lord Devil.

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