Nerds of a feather, flock together review


It has been a pleasure to watch what has changed, what has evolved, and what has changed over the first three novels.. This is both internally and on a metatextual level as well. As a writer, Edwards started with a promising debut novel, The Last Sun, and expanded on and developed that potential in the second novel, The Hanged Man. The Last Sun featured a Rune and Brand at frankly their lowest point, living on the margins of New Atlantis society, working smarter as well as harder to try and make their way. The Hanged Man showed Rune with some more respect and power and authority…and more to protect, and forced to deal with some rather nasty opposition seemingly ready to strip away what little he had accumulated. The slow spiral of power and authority and social rank spiral up together with the writer skillfully bringing new and larger challenges for Rune and Brand to face.

Paul Weimer

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