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Happy Helltdcctdcdctyc Book Birthday to #TheHourglassThrone!!! Iā€™m so excited for everyone to finally get to read @KDEdwards_NC ā€˜s AMAZING book!!! So proud of you KD!

I spent four hours editing six seconds of footage. Luckily I had some amazing listening material towards the end. Happy Hourglass Throne release day!! @KDEdwards_NC #thehourglassthrone #thetarotsequence

weee!! So #TheTarotSequence 3rd book comes out today May 17th and I am excited. So for the release, I did a new image for release day! Happy Rune saint John day!!! #hourglassthrone @KDEdwards_NC
if anyone needs me I’ll be in my book! You may find me at the end of the week!

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