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BREAKING NEWS: Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell announces that he will resign if he doesn’t become Senate Majority Leader after November’s midterm election. RT IF YOU WOULD LOVE TO SEE MITCH MCCONNELL RESIGN!

Who gave me this tee shirt?? Did I ever say thank you?

I owe a lot of gift thank yous and gift mailings and gift posts. Will get caught up by August, when Eidolon is written….

One of my favorite moments from The Hourglass Throne by @KDEdwards_NC , requested by Chris over on my Patreon! I don’t think I need to explain this one much as it gripped the fandom by the heart and refused to let us go! #thetarotsequence

Spent the last hour with fiction, betrayal, and masterclass examples of over-the-top villain narcissism and pettiness. Now it’s time to put the congressional hearing aside and start writing.

But seriously? Holy shit.

The Tarot Sequence X Enneagram
Lyrics from @sleepingatlast’s Enneagram album
Characters from @KDEdwards_NC’s Tarot Sequence Series.

Addam Saint Nicholas – “Two” – The Helper

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