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Holy shit. It’s done. Done-done. Dedication, acknowledgment, final manuscript edits…. Eidolon is officially out of my hands. And the best part? There’s a pretty good chance it’ll be available in all formats no later than Feb 28.

Have you checked out Netflix’s THE BASTARD SON & THE DEVIL HIMSELF (also called Half Bad)? Dude. Queer, poly vibes, urban fantasy, diverse, incredible casting, incredible story. A+++ Recc. (Thanks for encouraging me to promote, Sadie!)

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! What’s big in your world this weekend? Happy thoughts or photos are always welcome. 🙂

I’ll admit, after a big work deadline tomorrow, I’m hiding in my home, putting on pajamas, and playing Marvel’s Midnight Sun.

Sass queen, Anna Dawncreek from @KDEdwards_NC Tarot sequence!
This took longer than planned due to….life, chaos, and no small amount of creative funk, but we got there! Now if you need me, I’ll be in a corner staring into the void 😅

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