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I asked my beta readers to help assemble this list of content warnings, and they didn’t disappoint. I don’t even remember which animal I killed, but I trust them when they say it happened.

The gist is this: my novels have a dark past. Rune’s story is one of survival from an episode of physical and sexual violence. And surviving trauma isn’t the type of thing that ever has a neat ending. It’s a lifelong effort. I wanted to be honest about that, and show Rune constantly fighting to grow past the defeats of the past. At the same time, this is an urban fantasy set in a city where even allies can be dangerous–and you see a lot of that grit in the writing.

I try to be extremely respectful of this content. I’m not afraid to admit that I felt I had too heavy a hand in THE LAST SUN, and tried to moderate the… vividness of some of these scenes.

And, as always, I try to populate my story with a lot of love, found family, humor, and the diametric opposite of toxic masculinity.

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The Hanged Man and beyonda character utilizes self-harm as a way of releasing their magic

Sexual Assault
The Last Sunreferenced multiple times including graphic flashback of assault on a minor; implied assault on a minor by a family member

The Hanged Manreferenced

The Hourglass Thronegraphic flashbacks

See also: child marriage, grooming, pedophilia

Sexual Content
The Last Sunimplied/off-page between side characters in the Lovers Estate; manual and oral sexual content between Rune and Addam

The Hanged Manimplied/off-page; see also: prostitution

Scenes from the Holidaysimplied/off-page; see also: prostitution

See also: prostitution