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There are currently 6 characters in this directory beginning with the letter M.

Mariah Dawncreek
Wife of Kevan Dawncreek and mother of Layne, Anna, and Corbie; died of health complications many months after giving birth to Corbie.

Matthias "Max" Saint Valentine
Grandson of Elena Saint Valentine; parents are thought to be alive, but was kept by an uncle; ward of Rune Saint John.
More - WARNING, CONTAINS SPOILERS for THE HANGED MAN and beyond Formerly promised to The Hanged Man for marital alliance; adopted into the Saint John family at the end of THM.

Mayan Saint Joshua
The lifelong human Companion of Anton Saint Joshua, bonded as babies.

Majordomo of the Mortal Certainties' Westlands compound.

Michael Saint Talbot
Middle child of Lady Temperance; younger brother of Geoffrey and older brother of Lucy; part-owner of Moral Certainties LLC

Mikhail Saint Guinefort
Son of Lord Devil.