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A mismash of failed translocations beneath New Atlantis.

Warrens Warehouse
More - contains spoilers for THE HOURGLASS THRONE

Poisoned magical backwash of New Atlantis, full of monsters and pocket dimensions; Arcana have compounds built there.

Westlands Hierophant Compund
The compound Rune and Addam took refuge in during the Westlands storm; contains golems from the Chinese Terracotta Army.

Westlands Magician Compound
The compound with an imbued summoning circle that Ashton accessed to summon Rurik.

Westlands Moral Certainties Compound
The compound owned jointly by the Moral Certainties where Rune and co battled Ashton Saint Gabriel.

Westlands Sun Compound
The compound Rune rented out for funds ever since purchasing Half House.