Frequently Asked Questions

How many books are in The Tarot Sequence?

There are nine books planned for the main series, with additional works in THE TAROT ACCOUNTS

What are The Tarot Accounts?

THE TAROT ACCOUNTS is the name of the companion stories for THE TAROT SEQUENCE

Where can i buy the books?

The main TAROT SEQUENCE series is available at all major retailers. Links to purchase can be found on the Books page. The TAROT ACCOUNTS are available in limited runs where printing has been made possible, and many of the stories are available on the Extra Content page for free.

Where can I find more information about New Atlantis?

There is an Encyclopedia of New Atlantis available for you to explore here.

Is this a young adult series?

While the content of the books might be suitable for some teens, THE TAROT SEQUENCE and its extra content are primarily intended for adults. There are depictions of trauma, violence, and other material that might not be appropriate for all audiences. For more information, feel free to check out the content warnings.

Are there Content Warnings available?

Yes, you can find an overview of content warnings for the series so far here.

I want to get in touch with KD. How can I do that?

There is a contact form available here!

More Questions? Check the Encyclopedia of New Atlantis and then ask here:

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